Chennai, India

VGP Marine Kingdom

The first of its kind in India, VGP Marine Kingdom will be a new direction for the existing theme park of VGP World located in Chennai, India.

Chennai, India
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India's first-ever and fascinating underwater aquarium of world class would be set up by the VGP Group with technical know-how from New Zealand.

The state-of-the-art facility included setting up of an Underground Tunnel Aquarium,  Theatre, Food Courts and a Marine Bio-technology Research Centre. The underwater tunnel, with a moving walkway, would go up to a distance of 65 to 70 meter.

The aquarium would feature more than 2,000 marine species from across the world with touch pools where visitors could touch and feel.

The proposed aquarium would offer an unique under the sea experience. Visitors walking through the walkway through the submerged acrylic tunnel could experience some close encounters with various types of fish.

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